About the MicroMerchant Widgets

Selling tasks can be dreary

Selling on the internet, and on eBay, can be lots of fun. But aspects of it are pure drudgery.

Little tasks seem simple enough. But if tasks are repetitive and require lots of web page loading, they add up to a lot of dreary, inefficiently used time.

There must be a better way

I'm a computer programmer and I get impatient with dreary tasks.

To help me do my work as a seller, I began writing web based software applications, or tools, and I call them Widgets. Each day I thought "What part of this job can I simplify?" Or, "what am I impatient about today?"

This collection is the result.

Free Widgets

Some Widgets are free of change. I change the free list from time to time. Typically, the free widgets are those we want buyers to use because it helps sellers.

  • USPS Tracker is a shortcut to the US Postal Service tracking web page. Sellers can use Go Postal to make a link from a tracking number and email the link to buyers. This lets you lead buyers quickly to tracking info.

Subscription Widgets

Other widgets are offered by subscription. They are intended for USA based sellers. Registration is required.

The Basic Seller Widgets serve common daily needs of negotiating and completing sales.

  • Go Postal is a shortcut into the Post Office web site. It will save you a lot of web navigating and time.
  • Lowdown shows a summary of eBay feedback.
  • Fair View shows how eBay listings and search results appear to buyers.
  • Seller's Map is a page of links, short cuts and crib notes that eBay sellers will find handy.