About: the MicroMerchant™ Cart

Your web site will sell more if it has a good shopping cart.

  • Professional appearance builds trust
  • Inventory controls avoid over selling
  • Easy use avoids customer frustration

With the MicroMerchant™ Cart, it's easy to add a cart and checkout functions to your web site.

The cart is economical to use and is perfect for budget operations. Its perfect for those who want to escape from eBay.

Key features

  • Inventory control
  • Prices in US Dollars or other optional currencies
  • Sales Tax reckoned
  • Payment by Check or Money Order or PayPal
  • Automatic Google Base feeds
  • Buyer sees shipping costs up front
  • International shipping
  • Smartly combined shipping
  • Buyer choice of shipping methods
  • Media Mail option

The MicroMerchant Cart is one of a suite of building blocks we offer for crisp web design.