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Our goal is to let you run a small online business that is independent of eBay or anyone else who will control what you do, or depress what you can do by charging high fees. Following are examples of independent businesses.

Alternatives to eBay Feedback

Now that eBay disallows derrogatory feedback about buyers, there is no means within eBay to flag dicey buyers.

These off-eBay services may provide useful alternatives. They are listed alphabetically without comment, review or endorsement.

Please contact us if you know of others.

eBay info

eBay fees worldwide: Links to official eBay fee tables for worldwide venues.

Examples of Small Online Stores

These stores are independent of eBay and all online malls. They are simple and focused, and illustrate what a micromerchant can do. They pay no merchant fees, and are easier to maintain than an eBay store. sells coin hobby supplies (Saflips). I built and operate this online microstore. It's a real store. It's also a laboratory where I develop ideas, and an example of what a simple microstore can be like. sells glass vials, seals and stoppers. This is my second online microstore. To make this store work, the cart was improved to support both heavy and light weight parcels, and international shipping. sells high value used electrical parts for Saab automobiles. For this microstore, the software was modified to support many one of a kind items. is an online Garage Sale. sells new and used appliance parts. Though the selection is very limited, the prices are very low. Most customers reach this site by searching Google for a part number. It's the perfect microstore: the goods don't decay, and part numbers are perfect search words for Google.

Example of an Independent, Sophisticated, focused software and service provider. provides software to help churches effortlessly organize their volunteers, matching people to ministries according to interest and talents. They are a great example of a small online business, invented to fill an important niche.

Referrals to good service providers.

Ebert Appraisals. James Ebert is a trustworthy real estate appraiser serving Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara and Orange Counties.

His expertise with architectural and historical valuations has earned him recent clients from as far away as Chicago, Denver, Nebraska, Florida and Germany.